Suzuki Boulevard motorcycle ad


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i'm wherever i want to be
and i'm riding on/down the boulevard
if you want to you can come with me...

pop song...

thanks for any i'm clueless thusfar in my searches...

I just saw that one last night and ran the lyrics but came up empty. It doesn't sound like something made just for the ad to me but that doesn't always mean anything. :rolleyes:
yeah, it's close enough to be or not to be 'made just for the ad'

something familiar about it though...probably the melody more than the vocal...

anyone else have ideas?
Response received from Suzuki regarding the source of the music featured in their Suzuki Boulevard motorcycle commercial:

I received your letter inquiring about our music for Suzuki Boulevard cruiser motorcycles. We commissioned a local music group to create that piece for the launch of this new brand of motorcycles. It was created specifically for us, and is not available commercially.

Motorcycle & ATV Advertising Manager
American Suzuki Motor Corporation
What is that great song on the new Suzuki Boulevard commercial?
Can't find it on the net anywhere.

A member (Ken909) found out that the music was created by a local band specifically for Suzuki and is not available commercially. Too bad, it is a wonderful sounding piece of music.

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