Suggestion: Flagging Answered Topics


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is it possible to flag topics where the music/artist/track have been identiified and confirmed? may be an icon, or a different color for the topic title?

a lot of the times i cruise the forums looking for new music, i don't know if many others do that, so it'd be helpful.... :)
when i think about it, i'll go in and edit the topic title to say "answered" -- but i'm lazy about it. :( i'll try to be better about doing that, until we figure out a better solution. ;)

thanks for the feedback! :D
:check: Like this?
Originally posted by jca@Oct 2 2004, 08:48 PM
:check: Like this?

yes! that's perfect! :eek:k: :)

PS: and, thanks michelle, for putting in 'Answered' on the titles... :D
Why do all the answered ones have hearts next to them?
probably be fixed, for others, if they refresh the page/image.
Hey,glad to see my suggestion(Mar 28 )has been taken up!I always meant to respond(but am too lazy!) and suggest that threads be given to volunteers to read through and see if they'd been answered and give the results to jca and Michelle...