Sugar and Spice


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Okay, I'm looking for the name of the song from which a snippet is played during a scene/shot from the 2001 movie "Sugar & Spice".

The shot is that standard slow motion "The Right Stuff" shot of all of the girls walking in line either from their van or to their van. I believe they are all wearing masks and either about to rob a place or have just robbed it; probably the former.

Thanks in advance.
Okay, got it, it was the intro to Cannonball by The Breeders...
im looking for the song from the movie sugar and spice where theyre all leaving the van its a wide shot ...showing them all it starts with a large bass riff ive seen the same thing in an older movie but i dont know the song
hey...does anyone know the sort of technoish song they play when all the girls are walking into the school...right before that girl busts them?? please help me..thanks!!
it's by juno reactor, it has a sample from 'bonnie and clyde' in the begining 'pistolero' it's called:) greta soundtrack by the way one of ym fav flicks as well