Stay (The Second Time Around)


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I thought I'd post this request for help here as so many people are knowledgeable. A lot of people are trying to figure out who sings this song "Stay (The Second Time Around)"

You can hear the song clip here with additional comments:
There's been lots of discussion in this thread about the song "Stay (The Second Time Around)" -- trying to determine the artist.

With a longer version of the song here:

Thanks for any help you can offer.
Now you are driving me nuts. I want to know too. My first thought was China Crisis, but I don't see that they have a song like that, maybe I am wrong. It difinitely sounds mid to late 80's pop romantic pop in the style of Spandau Ballet and others. With that in mine, maybe it is Spandau Ballet. It is late right now and I must be up early, I will keep looking.
Bump - I updated the link to the song clip as it had changed, as well as the link to the thread on had changed due to a server change.
I posted the song up to youtube -- hopefully more people will see/hear the song "Stay (The Second Time Around)" and we can finally solve this mystery.