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i posted this starbucks thing before but it had the wrong information on it :unsure: , so no one prolly knew what i was talkin about, but anyways its a starbucks commercial for the cappicino, and it had a guy singing "fly away with me, lets fly away" and the woman in the commerical seems to be walking in a hotel or walking out of a hotel, and the guy who's singing the song keeps appearing in some form near her, hope someone can find it this time :(
Haven't seen the ad,but could it be Frank Sinatra (or loads of other covers)"Come Fly With Me"?
I recently saw Michael Buble cover "Come fly with me" in a Starbucks commercial. I think it was Starbucks. I'm wondering what album that is off of. I can't find it and was wondering if the cover was purely commercial use.

if you know, pass the info this way.

lu_ad girl

just realized i've been searching through a partial album.

one of these days i'll learn.
Yeah...I saw this commrcial today and I really dig the tune used...its a Starbucks commercial with a chick walkin to a fridge and opens the fridge door grabs a bottle of "Frap" and when she closes the fridge door thats when the song comes in...and this guy's face keep re-appearing on every thing she sees...and all I remember the song words are: "Come fly with me...." reminds me of the those old school Dean Martin songs or anyone singin that swing ballad vocal...anyone know the song? Help me out...Peace.
The artist is Michael Buble. The song is Come Fly With Me.
I'm pretty sure the singer in that commercial is Michael Buble. Dunno the name of the song though.
its from the self titled album Michael Buble, ever since that commercial i've gotten all his CD's :D