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If anyone has seen the commercials advertising for the last two episodes for Enterprise, and has any clue to the name of the music in it, I coul;d really use some help. It is very dramatic sounding music. It sounds operish. Any help anyone?
Does any one kno the music playing while there was a special trailer playing late one night on sky one in the u.k i think it was played on the thursday, friday or saturday of last week after voyager (20/08/04) and so on and so forth.......pleas let me kno if anyone find out
The majority of us are US viewers... But, can you describe the music? Genre/type, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc?
Would it be the theme music by Russell Watson? It's called "Faith Of The Heart" or "Where My Heart Will Take Me" depending on where you look.
i kinda got that.....but i kno there are a handful or us out there.....i kno for a fact that it wasnt Russell Watson who sings the theme tune cause i have that track on cd....ok here goes.....

male vocials
rock Genre/type
...something about space man walking......

i am unable to remember sorry about that.....just half asleep when it was on, if any brits that watch voyager......let me kno

sorry to the rest of you all for kinda alienating you all:(

unless anyone has some good websites where i could go to

Tanks for your help Sy
I have what WE hear and it is Russell Watson in the U.S. besides personal knowledge as a fan. ;)
Sometimes they will play different theme music for the same show from one country to the next. If this is the case I'd love to hear what they're playing in the U.K
Does anyone know this song?
It's the TV spot of the Star Trek Enterprise series in Hungary...