star trek


    Star Trek Strange New Worlds

    Hi everyone! Does someone know the score(s) used in this trailer, please? :) View:
  2. W

    Star Trek Beyond

    View: Music is Really Slow Motion - Star Fusion
  3. bogzay

    Star Trek The Game

    does anyone know the song from this trailer ???
  4. T

    Star Trek Into Darkness

    Thanks in advance, everyone!
  5. D

    Star Trek Enterprise

    Just face it, Star trek Enterprise did not fit in with that techo teeny bopper bulimic racial profiling trite on UPN. Its UPNs loss. I always thought stereotyping and racial profiling was considered bad. They thought that way in all the Star Treks. UPN obviously thinks different.
  6. T

    the best of both worlds

    what is your favorite episode or 5 episodes of " star trek " and " star trek : the next generation " ? if you don't know the title of the episode, give me a good description of it. i will try to name for you. star trek : where no man has gone before ? amok time the trouble with tribble a...
  7. doctormemory

    Star Trek

    Pre-order the soundtrack here:
  8. jca

    Star Trek

    Is anyone else looking forward to the J.J. Abrams Star Trek film based on this trailer? Surprised how good it looks.
  9. K

    Star Trek
  10. S

    Star Trek The Next Generation

    Hi All, I'm looking for a piece of music that was used in the background of this trailer from Star Trek TNG's Chain of Command Part 2. Does anybody know the name of the piece, or at least the composer? Thanks in advance! Spilio
  11. on3nightstan

    Star Trek The Original Series Digitally Remastered

    Star Trek - TOS Digitally Remastered Trailer - YouTube can anyone help me figure out the music they used here? especially the last quarter of the video. doesn't sound anything like star trek... thanks!
  12. J

    Star Trek The Original Series

    Star Trek does anyone know that name of the song or like a soundtrack that has teh song on it. Its the song when kirk and spok are fighting with those stafs on the palnet vulcan, the music is like world famous ive heard it alot on the cartoon show Dexters Lab, and other cartoons when people are...
  13. S

    Star Trek on DVD

    HI does anyone know the music that's used in this Star Trek First season DVD commerical (not the star trek theme playing, but the funky music ). So thanks in advance.
  14. G

    Star Trek Enterprise

    If anyone has seen the commercials advertising for the last two episodes for Enterprise, and has any clue to the name of the music in it, I coul;d really use some help. It is very dramatic sounding music. It sounds operish. Any help anyone?
  15. F

    Star Trek Enterprise

    Okay.. anybody got a name/ band name for the song on the Enterprise Episodes?? My hubby watches it (secretly I watch it too!) and the song is getting stuck in my head thanks yall!! Loren
  16. S

    Star Trek Voyager

    I've been searching for months for the name of this tune, I've heard it in many places and just cannot find the name. I just stumbled across these forums and was hoping someone might know :/ Here is a link, click the 30 second episode preview video...