Star Trek Voyager

Where else have you heard it?

PS - Are you a Trekkie? If so, so am I!!!

Hey, DS9 is on Spike TV now. :D
It sounds like a stock music cue to me. (Doesn't sound like music from the series, that's for sure.)
It's decidedly a classical tune, I could guess Beethoven, but I'm not good at guessing classical. If by "stock" tunes, you mean midi remakes of classical originals, sure, but it's definately not from the show nor any other Star Trek soundtrack. I only reiterate that because someone else said it wasn't in a soundtrack from the show, and I want to make sure no one else thinks it might be. I've heard it other times too, but no I can't remember where which is why I didn't post the first time I read this. I don't think that's important information though since there's a link to the trailer, you'll recognize it if you've heard it before and probably be able to say off the top if you know the title. Yes, it's just that catchy. Also, took the liberty of e-mailing the site to see if they could provide an answer, but nothing in my inbox so far, so I suspect they don't know.

If they don't know, I might be able to get them to at least admit it if I can get an answer at all. One thing I hate is being ignored, another thing is auto-replies, and last is getting that or an answer that doesn't answer the question, revealing ignorance while not admitting to it. Someone has to know what music they ripped off, if anyone is persistant enough they'd be able to find out unless they put that someone on an e-mail bounce list, so I'll keep you posted if I hear anything.

ps... trekie, though my loyalty ended at Next Gen... all series written after that I don't watch, but I liked the original shows, all the movies, and next gen, though I'm annoyed by the seemingly endless series popping up on the premise of next gen.
TNG is my favorite, too. I used to hate DS9, but I don't know why, I like it now.
Thanks for the replies everyone. Finding out what this song is is now one of my goals in life :) (And I'm only half-joking).

About TNG... yeah it was my favorite too. Never really got into voyager, but DS9 and TNG I love.

PS. Thanks mr_coffee for following up on this! Keep us posted :D
I am looking for a piece of music that is used in movie trailers. I don't know too much about it, but I know it ends with high impact strings leading to a big low chord and a piano solo at the end. It's a high impact/victory piece and was used in the Star Trek Voyager final season promo a few years ago and the movie promo for tuck everlasting. The piece is the last one on the promo. Does anyone know this piece or where I can get it? Thanks!