Sprite Remix Music


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It's sort of an old ad, mainly a 90s style trip hop-ish beat.

I think it was made by N.E.R.D or something.. I don't know, but the music was cool.
most of the tune heard in that ad is called "make it funky" by expansion team, i think they may have remixed it further for the ad, but the basic tune is still there. MAKE IT FUNKY!!
I've searched on google for hours and havent found anything materialized as the commercial in a media form or the song you provided..

Any help? :huh:
The Sprite Remix commercial was made by the 2004 Grammy Award winning producers The Neptunes. They also front a critically acclaimed rock band called N*E*R*D.

The remix was of James Brown's Make it Funky from the Big PayBack album.

I don't think you can find it anywhere... if so, let me know.
Oh and the remix-beat is/will be used for an ODB Ol Dirty Bastard / Dirt McGirt song. (Got that from Star Trak )
do they still make Tropical Sprite Remix? They took it out of the stores here like 3 weeks ago.. I need my fix.. the stuff is worse than crack..