1. T

    Sprite "Dreadlocks"

    Sprite "Dreadlocks" Hello. Help me find a song from this movie. I would be very grateful.
  2. J

    Sprite Argentina

    It is a funky dance tune. I hope someone can tell us the name of the commercial:
  3. C

    Sprite Commercial

    Who sings this song in the commercial? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEUodYT66yE
  4. S

    Sprite "Urban Refresh"

    There was this Sprite commercial playing during the NBA All star game where these people drank sprite and ran into each other exploding into sprite. i cant find the video with the song, but does anybody know what the song is thats playing? Thank u
  5. W

    Sprite LeBron James paintball

    Can anyone recognize the song in this ad? It is verrrry good... Thanks!
  6. I


    I am watching this commercial in europe.. the commercial says things like "behind the phrase - "just a friend" there is much more".. it shows a bunch of teens hiding they're love from their (girl)friends.. this guys licks a sprite bottle while his girlfriend is looking away.. In the song you can...
  7. S

    Sprite "Liquid Freedom" basketball court swimming pool

    Sprite "Liquid Freedom" basketball court swimming pool Hey I'm trying to find the musc to an old ad, it's playing in Europe where I am right now. It is the Sprite Ad where there are all these people around a basketball court and it turns into a pool and they all start to dive into it. In the...
  8. T

    Sprite Remix

    I was wondering if the song used in the Sprite Remix: Aruba Jam was an actual song, or just a beat line that they put together. If you can't recall the commercial, there's a guy doing a nice "graffiti" mural throughout the entire commercial, and they just show the bottle at the end. Thanks in...
  9. S


    Does anybody know the song in the Sprite ad with the soft drink vender that gets carried by a line of people just to get the right soda. Some lyrics are "No, We ain't gonna take it" which sounds like its sung by a group of sports fans.
  10. R

    Sprite Remix Music

    It's sort of an old ad, mainly a 90s style trip hop-ish beat. I think it was made by N.E.R.D or something.. I don't know, but the music was cool.
  11. LonGShoT


    Hey, was wondering, anyone know the music in the background for the sprite commercial with the guy on the BMX bike going off ramps and getting hit by a bird on the jump? thanks.
  12. michelle

    Sprite Kobe Bryant

    Rob asked this: Well, I found an answer(s)... whether or not it's the exact one you're after, I'm not sure... But, I found this on another site... This response is straight from the horse's (Coke's) mouth, dated Mid-June 2003: I believe the ad Rob is referring to -- the one availble for...