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hello, I love music with a spanish accoustic guitar in it and i am looking for artist who do this type of music. im a big fan of jesse cook, or the song epilogue from the vantage point soundtrack. i am wondering what other musicians i could be listening to for this sort of music. i prefer it to be slow and soft. relaxing music.
Try a musician named Govi. Click Here.

These are some randoms songs I have.

"Spanish Doll" - Poe (This song is hauntingly good. One of my favorites.)

"Minor Swing" - Rachel Portman (This was one of the songs composed for the movie Chocolat. It's probably faster than you'd like, but it uses great spanish giutar. Catchy song.)

"Hotel California" - The Eagles (This is a very watered-down version of spanish giutar. But it's The Eagles, it's a classic, and it's good, so... B) )

This is just a side note. I have a lot of spanish/latin inspired music. But most of it isn't the soft accoustic giutar sound you're looking for. It's got a quick, up-beat, rock infused sound that's great to drive to :lol: . Check out these artists if you're at all interested.

Ozomatli (Their music is awesome. I love it; their songs are so addicting, and have a great sound. Check out their song "(Who Discovered) America".)

Los Lonely Boys (Not as "rock" as Ozomatli - more of a natural sound. Their music also rules.)

Carlos Santana (The master of guitar! No explanation needed)

Sublime (I know this is a stretch - Sublime is ska. But they've got a great SoCal sound that incorporates the local culture. One of my top 5 favorite bands.)
thanks man, i appreciate it, i always looking to expand my musical horizon, but at the same time when i come across something i love i always try to duplicate it most of the time with no luck. thanks again for the help.