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:blink: :ph34r: HEY HEY HEY I been lookin for this song for a long time now and still cant find it. If anyone has any way on helpin me out please let me know asap. It is an older sony walkman minidisc commercial with plato the martian. One is when hes gettin his physical taken and the other one is the weigh in. Both are when hes in the nurses office is the best way to remember it. If you have any way on finding it OR know it please let me know. Cuz all i member is that it was really killer techno beats. I havent found any songs that i recall sounded like it. I hope someone knows it. later
Hey ephenj09,

the site listed below said in 1999 for Sony Minidisc the advert used "Naked" by Reef and "Rude Boy Rock" by Lionrock
Hey thanx your right that song by reef does kick ass. Only prob is that the song im lookin for its techno. Thanx for addin tho i look forward to finding any info on it cuz i still havent found the right one.
The Sony Weigh-In commercial is:

"Fat Boys (Human Beat Box)" by The Fat Boys

I cannot believe how clearly i remember the music in this ad! And dude, its not techno at all. Its rap, and those aren't techno sounds, that's scratching. I think that may have thrown some people off. But nonetheless, this is definatley the music from the weigh-in ad.

Now can someone please help me with the "Athens Beach" commercial music for Sony?
Hey thanx for that song i guess i did get thrown off, but im sure one of the two commercials did have some techno i guess its not the weigh in one, just the one when hes with the nurse. But yea the song for the beach is X-ecutioners and the song is "Like This" Im pretty sure that is it. But if anyone else can still give some info about that commercial drop a line ill be sure to be lookin at it.
hey no problem! Youre right there are so many sony commercials with techno music. Perhaps you were watching Brigitte's Motivation, which is techo. The ads came out at about the same times. The music is "Neon Ray"- by Lunatic Calm. I feel as if i have minor bragging rights for this one for i found it by complete accident. :D

Well heres the news on what i got so far. Thanx for everyone that has helped out in this search. Briggettes motivation def sounds like lunitic calm "neon ray" but i am convinced that it has a little bit diff beat to it. The weigh in is def fat boys by human beat box. But im still coming up short with one thing. That would be when plato is with the nurse, if you need to refresh you memory look at the two commercials named physical. These are the two that have the tripping techno beats. Sorry to keep pushing forward on this but i know someone has to know it. :D

There was that sony commercial a while back, its one of the ones with that alien guy. Its the one where he is watching that french girl trying to act. Then she comes crying to him in the directors chair and is like what is my motivation??? Does anyone know the song that plays when she listens to cd in the headphones? Its an instrumental song, with a piano but kinda has a beat. If anyone can help me out.

From an earlier post about a different Sony "Martian" ad...

Taxi, another member, had this to say:
Perhaps you were watching Brigitte's Motivation, which is techo. The ads came out at about the same times. The music is "Neon Ray"- by Lunatic Calm.

You can find "Neon Ray" on the album "Metropol."