1. Amster_G

    PlayStation 4

    Does anyone know the song in this fake PlayStation 4 revealing trailer?
  2. musique101

    Sony HDR-PJ10 Camcorder Amazon video

    Hi, I've heard this instrumental piece on various TV (PBS) shows & YouTube as well, but I'm unable to find the name of it. You can hear it at the link below as it is used as intro tune for the following: "tips for shooting great action sports video (2:47)" , "tips for choosing the right...
  3. L

    Sony Internet TV "Television Redefined"

    Heard this several times, so it's not like it's a brand new ad. Anyway, the music starts around the 30 second mark: Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. F

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

    Does anyone know the songs for the xperia play commercial? I like the song when they start playing soccer and everything after, but soundhound has trouble identifying any of them. Anyone know?
  5. loisbiggestfan

    Sony Cybershot Smile Shutter

    tell me what's the song? please~~
  6. farbeyond

    Sony Internet TV powered by Google

    Hi I just saw a commercial for Sony Internet TV which used the song: Scouting For Girls - "A New Day" The song is an exclusive download on itunes...
  7. A

    Sony Cyber-shot TX1 "Firefly"

    Does anyone happen to know the song in this commercial?
  8. W

    PSP Go "Move Your Body"

    Does anyone know the name & artist of the electronic song, with the lyrics "move your body" in this commercial? The PSP Go looks like a cool toy. Thanks in advance.
  9. Jason192

    PS3 Slim launch

    There's this fan made PS3 ad that has a song in it that I'd like to know the title of. It's not in the comments/description nor has the user replied to the email I sent a few days ago. It's sounds like a movie soundtrack. Thanks!
  10. C

    Sony Cybershot T900

    What's the song in this ad for the Sony Cybershot T900?
  11. indieschmindie

    Sony Cybershot T700

    Can anyone tell me what song this is? The ad is airing right now in Indonesia (South East Asia). It's really colourful and whimsical with grass fields and clouds that turn into cotton candy and colourful clothes and stuff. The song's also really whimsical and twee. First there's humming (male...
  12. K

    Sony Bravia rabbits

    I posted on Coloured Balls last time and got into a Crossed thred. Anyone interested in the latest Coloured Rabits Ad is called "She's a Rainbow" by The Rolling Stones
  13. A

    Sony Bravia bouncing balls

    Sony Bravia 2006 TV commercial 15s
  14. 3

    Sony Aibo ERS 111

    well i saw this commercial a loooong time ago on an aibo website that nolonger exist. it was a commercial for the ERS 111 series (the first one) where the dog is playing with a mirror and the owner calls it to come eat and there is a beautyfull voice singing very softly (sounded like some form...
  15. T

    PSP hip hop

    Anyone seen the PSP spot where the people are throwing the PSP to eachother? It has a nice beat. Anyone know where it's from??
  16. K

    Sony PSP

    There's a new psp commercial, not the one with Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out. Does anyone know the name of the song they play? Thanks in advance.
  17. O

    Sony Walkman "I Walk the Line"

    Anyone know what the commercial is that is offering a free download of the Johnny Cash song "I Walk The Line", also who is the band covering the song. Thanks
  18. M

    Old Sony Campaign Commercial

    The song was used by sony when they were advertising all their new home theater equipment, different commercials with the same family of actors. This song played in the one where the father takes a dig. pic. of his full head of hair and sends it to his balding brother on his birthday, writing...
  19. U

    Old Sony Commecial

    It's killing me! There was a Sony commercial (at least a year ago with the blue alien) with a trance-y sounding song with a woman singing. I only remember the instrumental part from the commercial, but the actual song starts with a woman singing, "I lie awake..." which sounds more like, "I lie...
  20. E


    :blink: :ph34r: HEY HEY HEY I been lookin for this song for a long time now and still cant find it. If anyone has any way on helpin me out please let me know asap. It is an older sony walkman minidisc commercial with plato the martian. One is when hes gettin his physical taken and the other...