Sony Walkman blue alien


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The commercial isn't that old but I haven't seen it in about a month. Anyway, the man is planning on surprising his wife with a meal that he's prepared and he grabs a bottle of wine from the frig and then the wife walks in all happy and stuff. I can't remember if the man gives her an engagement ring,but in the background there is a woman singing in french. I believe that sony used the exact song a few years earlier with the big head alien guy with the mp3player, in which he named the download the "amanda session" or something like that, but could someone help me out with the name of that song(or songs). In the first senerio i can't remember if it was a commercial for wine or for a diamond ring
The music for the original Sony commercial was composed exclusively for the ad by PETER NASHEL of Duotone Audio Group, New York.

BTW, it's actually 'The AUDREY sessions'!