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Hi, I'm new and looking for a sony mini disc televsion commercial tune. The commercial is rather old...the main characters are Plato the Martian and a beautiful woman. The commercial tune, playing in the background, is French. Very cute commercial. Can someone help out. thanks.

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I think you are referring to the famous 'Audrey Sessions' commercial:

In "Dorm," Plato listens to smooth Brazilian music on what is clearly the morning after a night of passion. As his bashful-but-adoring lady friend prepares to say good-bye, the alien creates a disc on his computer especially for her, titled The Audrey Sessions. He gives it to her as she leaves, so she, too, can enjoy music with Sony technology.

"For the 'Dorm' spot, we just wanted something cool and romantic," Van Kleeck notes. "So that's why we ended up with Brazilian-style music with made-up lyrics." The tune for the spot was composed by Peter Nashel of Duotone Audio Group, New York.