Sony Ad Mini Disk I think please help :)


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Hello Iam new here I just found out about this site, Iam looking for the music from this sony ad its abit old now i dont think its on anymore but it was about a mini Disk i think it starts out a girl on a boat holding a mic out too sea listening to something then you see some kind of female with blue blury lines covering up her privates and then it saws you a building with people on top puting speakers out onto the windows and below the Cars start to spin at the last bit of the ad this guy gives this old lady a mini disk that says Sirens but that can be the name of the song i looked for it everwhere please if you can help me post it here or e-mail me on Thank you :lol:
can you describe the music? :) Genre, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc??
Was this a U.S. ad? Cuz WOW. I think I would've remembered seeing that. :unsure:
Yeahhh yeahhh okayyy okayyy.....I know what you're thinkin' and I can't blame ya but I honestly was refering to how bizarre it sounded. :p Like something you couldn't forget if you saw it. ;) :rolleyes: :p
Well ok the Music didt have song Singers it was just nice music playing...Iam not sure what country the ad was from I just Saw it on TV in australia and at the end of the Ad it showed this hiker gave this little old lady with not teeth a CD that said Sirens on it and the lady started laughing... :)
I see no one has a clue what Iam on about :unsure: But the Ad was one of the first soney ads to have "Its A Sony" at the end of it..Anyway Does anyone know If I could find the Ad on a sony website I tryed looking for kaaza all i got was Porn Dam Kaaza, But yeh if u have any idea at all please post it here.
Sorry, we don't have that many Austrailian members.. so that could explain the lack of responce/people recognizing the ad...