Sony commercial in Australia


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Hello all. This is my first post and it's been great to find a cool site like this.
I was in Australia last year and there was a commercial for a Sony digital camera being run and I am looking for the background music.
The video portion of the commercial started by showing a man sleeping in his bed, he then got up and started sleepwalking around town, taking pictures of things you may see on the streets late at night (a couple kissing in an alley, etc..)
The music itself was quite ethereal, very similar to something you may hear from Chris Isaac (think David Lynch). The only lyrics I remember were "side by side" and not too much else.
A beautiful song, and of course at the moment I can't think of anything else musically to compare it to.
I saw the commercial in heavy rotation in Oct., Nov. and Dec. I don't remember seeing it run after the new year. Maybe shown for the Christmas holiday ??
At the end of the commercial a very whispy female voice comes in and says "It's a Sony", although Sony may use that in other commercials.
If I can think of additional details I'll stick them here.
Thanks very much for any help !!!!
Donald :)