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hey there, im looking for the japanesse song that used in sony ericsson commercial, i think its the global commercial for all sony ercisson products not for certain mobile phone type, its a japanesse song sang by a girl. i lived in jakarta, so maybe its only available in asia pacific, anyone help please? thanx
Can you describe the commercial?

Does it feature a girl on a swing?
hmmm i think the one with a girl on the swing is for the s700i type. its not the one that im looking for..

the commercial feature an exhibition of sony ericsson products, there's a big bear balloon doll, a fashion show.. thats all i can remember, sorry.. do you know it?
I think you're referring to the 'Squirrel' ad.

You can view the commercial here (90" Full Version TVC).

Unfortunately the tune was commissioned especially for the ad.
well yes thats the commercial. too bad i cant have the song, but thx for the information. if you later have an information that its available can you tell me? thx a lot ^^