Sony Ad with the monkey tails


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It this ad that starts off with two guys in a bus, one dark skinned and they play this funky music on their walkmans, and they have tails that stick out of their pants. there's a sign on the bus that says "no wagging".
the song continues and you see a bunch of different people with tails. then they're all on the beach doing stuff. While taking a photo the dark skinned guy accidentally sets off a car alarm by brushing a car with his tail. these cops see it and chase after them so the all pile into a car and drive off.

blah blah blah. that's the ad. does anyone know it? more importantly, does anybody know the name of the song....

I saw it here down under in Sydney, Australia.....but it's not an Australian ad.....
Artist: Prince Buster
Title: Dog War (AKA Broadway Jungle)
Year: 1964

May also be associated with "Toots and the Maytals"or "Jamaica Ska"

oh sweet mary mother of your god.

i'll check it out. If you're right (and i'm just assuming you are) I am your eternal slave.

thank you!
Ur my hero Leyton01!! I've been trying to find this song for so long - it's definatley by Toots & the Maytals "Broadway Jungle"...............very funky
Cheers :D