song where guy talks about weed


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i heard this song on live 105.3 in san francisco. THe song starts with a guy stating that weed should be legal to smoke and why should 80 year old men use viagra which is not as natural as weed.
the guy basically talks through the whole song, i wouldn't categorize it as rap. its a really awesome song, and i need to download it.
can anybody help, thanks
Did you check to see if that radio station has a playlist on their website? There's also a website where you can look up the radio station and time to see what song was played.
i checked their website, they dont have a playlist of what they have palyed at specific times. :(
Take the Eastern time, and subtract three hours...

It's 1:15 Pacific right now - 4:15 Eastern
It's "Underwear Goes Inside the Pants" by LazyBoy

Lyrics and an mp3 sample are at

(michelle, i don't know if the mp3 is legal, the site looked legal to me... :unsure: )


removed the link... not sure if the mp3 is legal....

the artists home page is

Andy, can you please remove the link too... ;)
they played the song at around 9:45pm wednesday night, it seems that the website doesnt go that far back
kewl song. I wish i could find just the background music and vocals.