Smirnoff "Smarienberg"


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Smirnoff "Smarienberg"

It's an older commercial - I can't even remember who it was for, but I have the faint impression that it was for some vodka company. If not, it was definitely alcohol.

The overall theme was action, and it was done in a very interesting style. There was a guy trying to save a girl, and they would switch through sets, starting out in a film noir .. then he'd climb through a window and pop out onto the roof of a speeding train .. then a UFO would swing in .. All the while they were threatened by an evil, bald, SS officer-ish fellow.

If someone remembers this commercial, any details would aid me in tracking it down. I just recall so little from it ..

Do you live in Canada or something bro? Because that commercial sounds ridiculous....
I don't recognize the scenario you described... But, I am confused -- Did you want to know what product the ad was for? Or the music heard in the ad? If music, can you describe that at all?
Actually, the commercial was great. I doubt I do it justice in its description, but I only vaguely remember it. If I could find a copy of it I'd love to show it off. I used to have it recorded on my computer. But computers are fickle and devious things.

I'm looking for any details anyone remembers, because I can't get a clear picture anymore.

The best I can do is say that he would crawl through a window and emerge out the hatch of a train's roof, or duck and roll and pop up in another movie genre.

I think the commercial was for a vodka, but if not, I'm pretty sure it was some kind of alcohol. Just wish I could remember which - I'm sure that would be the key to finding it.

Thanks for pondering it.
Ive never seen the commercial, but I found a site that said "Screw Up" by Overseer was used in a smirnoff commercial. Its definatley one of those catchy commercial beats. hope that helps
holy sheot. ive been searching for this all morning and I finally found it. the commercial is called Smirnoff "smarienberg"

your right... that is a kewl techno beat.
Its definatley not "screw up" by overseer. it actually sounds more like "velocity shift" by overseer, but a tad different. i wonder if its a remix. Ill keep lookin, but if anyone else finds the song, lemme know.
Finally found the title .. Dylan Rhymes - Naked and Ashamed.

Still searching for a copy of the video. I found a few sites that were supposed to have it, but returned no file.