Smirnoff/Baccardi dance track?


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Does anyone know the song used for the recent commercial? It's a slow funky dance track with the lyrics "Just stamp your feet". It just sticks in your head and you can't stop humming the tune! I was told it's from the Smirnoff vodka commercial, but I can't find anything on it. Anyone got any clues?
Haven't seen the commercial, but based on those lyrics maybe it's "Move your Feet" (also known as "Don't Stop the beat") by Junior Senior.
Nah, that's not it. Different type of dance music, slower and deep.
I think I've only seen the commercial at the cinema, not on TV.
Thanks for the help General Nu, but already looked there. No, it's recent from 2003. Oh well, this is just gonna be one of those things that bugs me for the rest of my life!!!
Think it could be Take a Walk by BolzBolz but I can't find an audio sample. Have you tried looking here???
How about "Stomp your Feet" by The Crumpster? Audio clip. The 2nd mix (comes in at 1:33) might be more what you're looking for...