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So If N E Body Knows The Song From The New Smartie Comercial [snip]
What is happening in the Smarties comercial. Is the music instrumental or does it have lyrics. Is it sung by a girl or a guy? Is it rock or classical?

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I was wondering if anybody would happen to know if the song in the commercial is an actual song, and if so, what is it called?
I know I'm being a little vague here so I'll try and be as clear as I can.
It has a couple of scenes and they each have two signers in them.
Then, the last screen is a box of Smarties that have the text which reads "Show your Colours".
its the new smartie commercial where like theres like the girl playing the piano and theres a balerina then theres a black guy int he skate park with a kid playing the guitar then the girl in the green sweater on the bus singing " i.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii am every day people"
yea i wanna know too... the thing that caught me was the part where the guy is beat boxing and the girl is singing, shes goooood
Gone are the days when I could get me hands on a box o' Smarties... : (

Anyways, is this the commercial?

The original song is called "Everyday People" by Sly and the Family Stone. However, it seems like they changed some of the lyrics for the commercial.

It starts off some girl singing, the moves to another girl singing on piano then some country girl swinging something like it dont matter what group im in, then this african american guy singing we all live togetherrr and the some girl on the bus singing havent seen the commercial in months think it came off air in my area, what was this commercial advertising and what not