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Does anyone know what that song on the commercial for smallville on the abc family channel is from? it's not in the soundtrack.
omg! i wanted to know what that song was too and no one answered me.... they just said "dont put duplicates up" and that was it after she asked me what it sounded like and she sounded like she was going to help me but i guess not... well if i ever find out what the song is (since it looks like im on my own) ill tell u too! :)
If no one knows what the song is, no one can help you.
yeeeaaahhh bitching about it won't get ya anywhere.. this isn't kintergarten.. we don't eat paste anymore (well ok, most of us don't) and whining and bitching and throwing a tantrum and opunding our fists and feet on the floor won't get you what you want, sorry