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Hi all
I was watching WB 23 (Central Illinois) today (6/21/04), and they had a promo of all the summer shows being aired on WB23, which had the actors of shows like 7th heaven, smallville, charmed etc. together, and a song played in the background.
do you by any chance know the song?

They might be using the song from The WB 2004 Image Campaign - "Ride" by The Vines.

It's also available at Target on The WB Mix CD - and you can hear a sample here:

Amazon - The Vines
I don't know if the vines are in that commercial, but you can hear a large chunk of thier song in the newest iPod commercial. you can hear it on apples website, or even easier, access the commercial it through the iTunes music store. No. I don't work for apple.

I have noticed that the WB uses some cool music in its ads. In 2002 (I think) they had a cool song with the lyrics "Who do you Love." I thought they made it just for the WB though.
Hey Hoodie
Thanks for the reply - its the 'Ride' by Vines :D.

I don't know Michelle, but the error message that appeared multiple times when I tried to search the coke c2 commercial was "This menu has been disabled by the site administrator", or something to that effect.

OK, as I asked last year (and found the answer then), I will ask the same question again, albeit relating to the promo this year.

WB on TV (WB23 in Central Illinois, WB20 in the Bay Area) has this promo going where they show the actors of the various shows like Smallville, Charmed etc. together in a slick sequence, and a peppy song plays in the background. I heard some lyrics, but just can't seem to remember them. The promo can be seen almost everyday during primetime (will try to catch the lyrics next time).

Anyone have a clue about the song name? Would appreciate your inputs :)
OK, I caught the lyrics today. They go:

"I'm gonna keep on rising, everybody's saying no way yo"

being repeated over and over.

Any clues? A google search was futile <_<
Yeah, Fred, that is the promo. Thanks!

Any clue what the song is?
I sought in google with the lyrics but I didn't find anything :blink:

sorry :unsure:
OK, did some searching on WB's website, and they have this radio feature which tells what artists/bands are featured in what promos. Most of them are for shows, but there is a section which says "The WB", so I presume that one of these artists might have played that song:

Alicia Keys (I DON'T think so)
Austin Powers: Goldmember
Coldplay (Most probably not - didn't sound like Chris Martin)
Mint Royale
Sum 41
The Hives
Wil Seabrook Band

Maybe it is one of these artists, or maybe not...
Whoop de doo!

Any updates on this one?

Somebody might have seen this in the meanwhile, eh?

BTW, there was a new WB song in their fall exposé, which went " When the walls come caving in ...", a typical WB melody, if you know what I mean.

It might be "Hang On" by HotSocky (Google gave me that), but would lke to confirm.

PS: This is for the person who asked me somwhere what the last year's promo song was - it was "Ride" by the Vines.
Whoa! Thanks there - I had given up on this one.

Hmmm... Bent Fabric are the same people who made "jukebox", the tune used in the Motorola ROCKR phone commercial. Nice group it seems - definitely commercial friendly.