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There's a current ad running for Sky Team which appears to be an airline alliance. It has a slow song which has a few lyrics including the words "a beautiful day". There are 2 or 3 words of the song before the ones I listed which I never hear clearly. It's performed by a female with a voice similar to Cat Power, Liz Durrett, etc. I've seen the ad on CNN, FOX NEWS CHANNEL, and MSNBC as well as during the Glen Beck show on the CNN Highlight news channel. Any ideas? Thanks.
CORRECTION: That should read CNN Headline News channel.

was hoping to be able to return the favour here but unfortunately I haven't even seen the commercial. a little youtube search found me the ad where I can make out the lyrics "and it will be a beautiful day..." but it goes unrecognized. however, the voice sounded very much like the lovely keren ann... good luck.
Thank you very much softanimal. With googling her name with sky team, I found another probable reference to a song performed by her titled "Beautiful Day". Having never heard of her, I click on the link you provided and really enjoyed her song "Liberty". Regardless, hopefully I'll find the song, I now have another great artist to listen to. Thanks again.

Update: Just ordered a special edition of her cd "Not Going Anywhere" (import version) which includes "Beautiful Day" from To anyone else who may be interested in the song, don't order her regular cd titled "Not Going Anywhere; only the more costly import cd contains the song. Here's the amazon url:
sounds like a match! you're very welcome, I'm glad to help... we're even now, one for one! it's especially nice to hear you've made the purchase. thanks for the link because I saw that album when reading her discography but she doesn't offer it on her website and I couldn't find it anywhere else online. I also just heard "Liberty" for the first time today and I was floored, so ethereal.

happy listening :whistle:
the commercial song im looking for is off a Skyteam commercial, its a female singer, shes singing really soft, there showing a city, going along the skyline, and shes singing something that sounds like "a beautiful day" its a slow song. Ive scene it several times on the television station CNN HN (or headline news)