Sirius Satellite Radio "Discover Music Again"


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Hey guys, I've seen this new sirius satellite radio commercial on tv a few times now in the past few days, and it has a pretty catchy song playing in the background. There are no lyrics, so that doesn't help very much, and I tried to find the commercial on youtube but I had no success.

The commercial shows a bunch of different people all doing things that they've supposedly never done or tried before, and at the end the tagline says something like:

When was the last time you discovered something new? Discover music again with Sirius Satellite Radio.

If anyone can find the song used in this commercial I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
Re: New Sirius Satellite Radio ad? - "Discover Music Again"

i'm trying to find a video clip of it myself, such an epic commercial
Sirius "Discover something new"

Anyone know the instrumental break from this ad and who does it?