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This has been killing me. I know there is a promo out on Showtime for all the shows (with the Muse song), and at the VERY end they say that Twilight is coming to Showtime in January. What is the song they play when they show the Twilight clip?! It's not on the soundtrack and I love it. It's a few piano bars...??
Please help!
Twilight Showtime Promo

What is the music they play in the "Twilight is coming to Showtime" trailer? It's normally the last ten seconds of an ad for all the showtime series shows with a Muse song.

I watch Showtime all the time and I was wondering the EXACT same thing! I did a Google search only to find your post. Well, after a couple minutes more of research, I figured out the name of the Muse song is Butterflies and Hurricanes from their 2003 release called Absolution. Its a GREAT song, huh?? I LOVE it!! Had to download it. ;)
Thank you for the legwork - I also just had to find out who and the title - this is a great song - loopin' it now - did I mention that I'm near 60 and love this shit? Thanx again!!!! :)
Twilight On Showtime Promos

So this is a long shot I know but it's worth a try. There are a few promos being aired on Showtime for Twilight. There are two I can't seem to find anywhere online and I want to know the music being played in them. I'm not very technically gifted but I managed to record the very small clips of the promos im talking about. Keep in mind these were recorded with an old digicam so the sounds not good but in the off chance someone knows which pieces of music these two promos use please let me know!
Re: Twilight On Showtime Promos

Hmm, I never saw those versions of the trailer. I'm really not sure about the second one. It's possible the first one is using music from the score. I couldn't tell you which part. You might have more luck asking on a Twilight fan site. Good luck!
I'm looking for the music as well. Here is a recording on youtube of the promo:

Does anyone recognize the music?