1. M

    The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

    Anyone know this music?
  2. A

    Showtime New Moon

    Showtime is airing a commercial for New Moon, and the music in the background is all piano. I don't remember it from the NM score or the Twilight score. Did anyone else see/hear it? I'd really love to know what the music was. Thanks!
  3. J

    The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn

  4. W

    The Twilight Saga Eclipse

    Anyone know what the music is from the Twilight Saga Eclipse 10 sec preview? full trailer will be released tomorrow
  5. N

    Foxtel Box Office On Demand

    Hey, does anyone know the latest Foxtel Box Office Promo Ad music is. Here's what I picked up. "You Gonna Stay With Me, Run Away With Me" "You Gonna Stay With Me, Run Awayyyyy With Me" Then later on. "You Gonna Stay With Me, Waiting For You" "Waiting For You" If anyone can help, that would...
  6. M

    Showtime Twilight

    This has been killing me. I know there is a promo out on Showtime for all the shows (with the Muse song), and at the VERY end they say that Twilight is coming to Showtime in January. What is the song they play when they show the Twilight clip?! It's not on the soundtrack and I love it. It's a...
  7. R

    Burger King New Moon

    Who does the beat for the new Burger King 'New Moon' commercial??? It's the one where it's team Edward or team Jacob... iIf anyone can help i would appreciate it... :cool:
  8. W

    The Twilight Saga New Moon

    Can anyone identify the music in this scene? It's not from the soundtrack. I've been DYING to find it! Thanks!
  9. L

    Volvo Twilight Saga New Moon

    The new volvo ad featuring clips from new moon...any ideas?
  10. Q

    The Twilight Saga New Moon

    What the music in the Twilight Saga: New Moon Trailer?. Thanks.
  11. W

    Twilight parody by The Hillywood Show

    Can someone please point me in the right direction of where to find the music used in this video? I know some of it is from the Twilight soundtrack, which I have, but if someone could point me to exact tracks that would be great. I heard the remix of Hot n Cold is something the kids that did...
  12. H


    there are like 3 songs in the end credits, one by linkin park, one by paramore, but i couldnt figure out the first one.. does anyone know the first end credit song
  13. PiratesLife_ForMe


    Can anybody identify the music in the new Twilight teaser trailer? Official Twilight Teaser Trailer Thank you!!! B)
  14. PiratesLife_ForMe

    MTV Behind the Scenes Twilight

    Can anybody recognize ANY of the music in this clip? I will love you forever if you do. MTV Behind The Scenes Look at Twilight: Meet the Characters Thank you!!!!!!! :lol: