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Wondering if anyone has any idea who sings the song that plays at the end of the QAF promo for the upcoming season. Can't figure it out to save my life. No info on the Showtime web site or any QAF sites I've looked through.
Just so I'm clear:

QAF = Queer As Folk?
1) Yes QAF is Queer As Folk
2) Lyrics... yeah a couple of lines, something like:
You bring me heaven, time after time, you take my breath away.
If you go to the Showtime QAF site and click on the watch this on the picture of the couple of cast members. At the end of that promo, the song plays in the background. It's a guy singing, voice sounds familiar. It's driving me nuts...or more nuts!LOL
Um, this thread is about Queer As Folk -- not Scrubs. I'm confused... :confused:
Sad to report...
never did find out who did this song or what the name of it was.