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I saw this new showtime promo while watching Big Brother After Dark yesterday night. The promo features all the showtime shows and promoting new seasons in 2008.. it has The Tudors, Weed, Californication, BrotherHood etc. there is a song playing in the background, does anybody know the song? Thx
Originally posted by leone@Apr 2 2008, 03:23 PM
This one?
it's not that one, the song goes like this "would you come with me, can't close the door, this wellness wishes..." and in the promo you see the main characters of all the showtime shows.
Hello everyone, first post.

I was watching some boxing on espn tonight, some old Showtime fights, so of course during the commercials they would plug Showtime. Well, the Showtime ad they were playing was like a montage for all their new shows (Weeds, Californication, etc.) and then it said onscreen 6 mos. 24.99 or whatever deal they're offering, and it had the FATTEST song playing. I'm wondering if somebody can help me identify it.

It was like a club or techno-sounding song, at the start of the commercial it just had a drum beat and then the voice comes in saying something like "Stay....high....on it" (but I doubt those are the lyrics). He is singing in a pretty high voice but it's SMOOTH.

Anyway I searched for the ad on Youtube but I guess I suck at their search. I would guess it's the newest Showtime ad, or one of the newest.

If anybody can help, that would be great. Thanks.
The song in the Showtime promotion is:

"Hailin' From The Edge" by Apparat.

It is available on the album "In The Air" from Air France.
Re: Showtime series commercial

there was some promo music for the united states of terra and dexter and something else in nov/dec any help with that