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Help...... On most Sunday evenings, Showtime has a commercial that plays right after the show The L Word. It is a commercial advertising Showtime and the "No Limits" theme. The commercial shows spots of all of their shows and future movies. The background music is an rock song. Does anyone know what it is? Please help!!!!! Thanks!!!! I cannot figure out the song or who sings it.....
I posted this somewhere else but... maybe this would be a more appropriate place.

I'm not sure if this is the same commercial but I was looking for a song as well that played on Showtimes All Shows commercial.

Kind of sounded rocky and jazzy.

Some of the lyrics went like this:

It's a wonderful life, come on and take it from me.
It's a wonderful life, come on and shake it for me.
It's a wonderful life, come on (go on) and break it on down.

Any help would be appreciated. Been searching and searching.
Hey guys...It took me about a month to find this song but it's "Wonderful Night" by Fatboy Slim featuring Lateef. It's off his latest CD "Palookaville".