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There is an instrumental song playing on this commercial that I just watched today, 3/21/2011, on HGTV that reminded me of Jean-Yves Thibaudet's music from the movie Pride & Prejudice. Anybody have any info on this instrumental?

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I thought the same thing! I wish I knew...just makes me want to watch the movie.
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I thought the same thing (about Pride and Prejudice)! I'm dying to know what the commercial music is! I feel like I've heard it before...
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It is from the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack. It's the song "Dawn." Likewise it just makes me want to watch the movie anytime it comes on. :)
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That's not the same song... "Dawn" is something entirely different.
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It's a piano solo of Mozart's Concerto No. 21 with minor adjustments in the beginning and end of the song.
I assume this is also just an original piece, but does anyone know otherwise? It's beautiful.

The piece is an original piece for the commercial. And yes it is reminiscent of both the Mozart piece and Pride and Prejudice... (and actually I composed it)...