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Does anyone know the name of the song for the newest Sherman William Paint add where there is a little boat floating down the river and a gal is singing, 'We go together, we just go together'.. Hoping it's a real song and not a MFCP (made for commercial piece)..

I love their commercials.. Using the paint strips to create images is a great idea..
It's an original piece created by Beacon Street Studios. Looks like they might release a full length song.
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Yep, that's it, hon.. Thanks, I looked for the commercial on Youtube but couldn't find it.. Glad you did.. I hope they will make it into a complete song, I'll buy it for sure.. It has a really happy feeling to it and, Lord knows, I could use more of that in my life! lol!

Thanks again!
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I just tried the link and it doesn't work, hon.. Is it the correct one? Thanks..
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Hmmm.. works for me

You can also go to their facebook page here:

Then click on 'What's New' on the left
then click on 'Like the song in our commercial?' down the middle of the page
then click on 'Music Downloads' on the right
the song is the one called 'Theme from river commercial'

You can either play it online or right click, if you have a PC, on the 'Download MP3' to 'save target as' to you computer.

It is also here

Sherwin-Williams River Commercial Song Lyrics - YouTube
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Thanks hon.. It worked fine for me this time.. Great little happy song.. ^^