Seven Years in Tibet


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Hi, All,

I'm sorry if this is posted elsewhere, but I tried every search term I could think of and couldn't find anything (I don't think I had enough to go on, which is why I'm asking all of you). The movie ad for Disney's Mulan featured an inspirational, sweeping orchestral piece that I've heard many times, but I don't think the movie itself played the piece. One of the television commercials for Seven Years in Tibet also featured the piece, but again, I don't think it made "the cut" because I don't remember hearing it while watching the film. I also heard it in a peculiar ad that was promoting movie watching in general. You would see it in theaters right before the feature. It showed clips of people IN movies, WATCHING movies, like Annie, etc. That's what I remember about it, at least.

I know it's probably a well-known piece of classical music, probably by someone well known, but for the life of me, I just never found out the name of the piece or the composer. Or maybe it's SO well known, everyone assumes that you would know automatically.


Acccording to the music used in the Mulan trailer was from Beyond Rangoon by Hans Zimmer and Dragonheart by Randy Edelman.

I remember watching the Mulan trailer many years ago and recognizing that one of the tracks was called "Our Ways Will Part". That is track six on the soundtrack. If you look down the left side of the website that I linked you will see a real audio clip of that track.

For Dragonheart it is probably either tracks 1, 2 or 15 that you might be looking for.

Hopefully one of these tracks are the ones you are looking for. :)

i dont know where its from..or where you can get it for that matter but ive heard it on other trailers if anynoe knows thatd be great
It IS from the Dragonheart soundtrack!! Oh, happy day, that tune has been plaguing me for MONTHS. If you go to or a similar site where they let you hear a sample, you may not hear it, but the part that I'm always hearing in trailers (whenever they need something that sounds "inspirational") is the second half of the second track on the Dragonheart soundtrack, "To the Stars." Finally! Case closed! Track Two, Dragonheart soundtrack.
Where has Edelman gone. He must only chose projects where he knows hes not gona have to write anything good. Son of Mask, Surviving Christman, XXX, Connie And Carla