National Treasure


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Does anyone know the music used in the first part of the trailer..its really well known but I just can't figure it out!
(link to Yahoo Movies Trailers)
Thanks :p
If it's the music that starts playing right after the Touchstone Pictures logo, it's from the Fight Club soundtrack:

The Dust Brothers - Medula Oblongata

hope it helps
Does anyone know the song that starts after the narrator says "This Thanksgiving".
You need to add more info than that. What is "National Treasure" ?? What exactly are you looking for? A complete soundtrack?
From RockRage:

The film stars Nicholas Cage as Benjamin Gates, a man who discovers a treasure map hidden on the back of the Declaration of Independence.

Breaking Benjamin will contribute to the film's soundtrack which will be released on November 16th. Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 will also provide a track for the album. Angelo Badalamenti's original film score will round out the rest of the soundtrack.

'National Treasure' is set to hit theaters on November 19th.
Well 1st of all this forum aint just about soundtracks if u can open the index of the forums ^^

And how can u expect someone to give u soundtrack listing whn the movie isnt even released yet ? (unless someone has seen the trial)

I think u should wait for a while and keep checkingImdb for extra tracklistings

Im eagerly waiting for Rabin's score thn the soundtrack ..

By the way this shouldnt be in trailer music section :rolleyes:
my fault
not much of info

yes it should be in the trailer section... cuzz im intrested in the trailer soundtracks...

sorry for not givin the majic word... "trailer"
That makes a difference, because I was about to move this to the Soundtracks section -- that's why I asked in the first place, since it really wasn't clear.

Do you have a link to watch the trailers online?
Here are the links :

1st trailer uses :

Hans Zimmer - Pearl Harbor score
The Dust Brothers - What is the fight club? - Fight Club score
John powell - Tunnel run - The Italian Job score
Immediate Music - Liberation

Tv spot 1

Tv spot 1 (small)

Tv spot 2

Tv spots uses :

Pfeifer Broz. Music
Music Junkies
ES posthumus - Menouthis (spot 2)

Other tracks are not identified yet
The latest trailer (shown before the incredibles) also uses the original mix of
Andy Hunter's - Go
Is there any way to get my hands on Immediate Music's 2 CD set of Themes for Choir and Orchestra? That's where Liberation and Lacrimosa are from right?
no. you cannot buy immediate music's cds. they are not for sale, except to media agencies.