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Does anyone know the song that is in the Firelight trailer and/or where I can find the trailer? It's been used in a couple other trailers as well. The movie Firelight was limited release and starred Sophie Marceau and Stephen Dillane. I can't find the trailer anywhere now; it seems to have disappeared. This music has haunted me since I first heard it six years ago. I think it's a pretty well known classical song. If someone could help me out, I would really appreciate it.
I just thought I would bump this up...

Anyone have any ideas or even know the movie? I'm desperate to find this song.
Maybe if you try describing the music then maybe someone will recognize the track. Chances are good that someone might guess it right if it is a well known musical piece. Is it a fast track or a slow track? Was there a choir? Piano music, or orchestra? Any musical instruments more prominent than the others, such as a violin for example.

Do you remember what other trailers this music might have been in?
There isn't a trailer available online that I can find. Maybe someone would no a better place to check, but I've spent a lot of time looking.

There are two musical pieces in the trailer, if I remember correctly. I believe the one I'm looking for is a violin piece. There is no choir, at least in the part that's included on the trailer. It's a slow classical song and I think it's a known classical piece.
Since this is a joint French/British film(Don't know how I missed it,sounds good)I searched French websites.They had the film but as it's oldish they no longer had any of the related info.Amazon does have it on video,so you could buyit/rent it somewhere in the hopes that the music was also used in the film and is listed in the soundtrack.Not much help,I'm afraid.
I have the DVD of the movie but I'm pretty certain that the music used in the trailer is not from the movie soundtrack.

In addition, the DVD does not include the trailer which is unusual.

I have searched everywhere I can think of online but it appears that the trailer has been 'disappeared'.
Thank you so much for trying to find it for me. The movie isn't out on DVD in the US that I know of, so I can't see the trailer on that. You're right that it's unusual that it's not on the DVD that you have--usually DVDs have the trailers. I have the video and the musid from the trailer is not in the movie. I guess I'll have to wait and hope it eventually gets released in the US on DVD and that it has the trailer.

Thanks again!

If anyone finds anything please let me know in this thread.
Hmmm....all I can do is take a wild guess as to what song it may be.

Maybe it's "Canon in D" by Johann Pachelbel? That's one of the more famous classical violen musical pieces.

Here's a link.

It has a whole bunch of various versions of 'Canon'.