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Alright, this has been bugging me for the past 2 weeks. What is the name of the song featured on the new Secret Platinum AntiPers commercials. It's kinda gross thinking about it but it's the one with the women walking around and they start sniffing their arm pits. It closes with the one girl in the theater with her date and she puts her arm around her date.

Please someone help, this has been so frustrating not knowing this song.

I wish I could say that I knew that song but I don't! I too have been wondering what the name of it is. I even contacted Secret™ and they said it was a song created especially for them, which I find hard to believe because that same song is in the Rolaids commercial and it was featured on an Episode of The Discovery Channel's: Make Room for Baby. I will continue looking for it, and I hope you do too. Hopefully one of us will eventually find it. Good luck to you! :)

If it's in other shows and ads, it's probably just music from a stock CD/collection and probably doesn't exist beyond a 30 second sample.
Ahem!I posted very similar comments/questions months ago.E-mailed all over the place ,too.Then I remembered that the wife of a friend works for JWT in NY and I asked her.She told me (and it was told to her in a hush-hush kind of way)that it was Sugar Ray and that's all she could find out.Thinking about it it does sound like their later style.I even ploughed through every song sample,but couldn't really identify anything - the clips are too short.So hope this helps!
I have heard this piece of music on that commercial. They use it on the show "In A Fix" alot. They use it on alot of shows on E! station also. It is a real song, the first time I ever heard it was in a club in Monclova, Mexico where I had the pleasure of hearing it in its entirety. It was so cool!!! I thought I would find a copy upon returning to the states. But it has been no easy feat!! I do not know what it is, or the artist. I will return to Mexico in December, but I do not want to wait that long to find it!! I know this is not much help, but take heart, it is a full playing song.
I'm glad to hear that it is a real song! I emailed Secret™ and they said it was created just for them, but I didn't believe it because I have heard other shows/commercials using it. At least there is hope. I hope when you go to Mexico again you can find the name, or hopefully someone will find it for us! That would rock! :D
I just emailed the "In A Fix" creators, maybe they will respond. I also tried emailing the company who does the Secret commercial, but never heard back from them. But I think their full of it. That song was not created especially for them, or so many others would not be allowed to use it I'm sure. If so, they would be infringing on copyright laws. I will keep looking for it. I will also call my sister in law in Mexico, and see if she can come up with something there.
Everyone on the "In A Fix" site is saying it is a piece that Bob Mould wrote. I find this hard to believe. I sounds nothing like his style. I sounds more like something Sugar Ray would do, as stated above. I come more near buying that. I am still looking!