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In the commercial they show a woman in different outfits walking down the street. I couldn't decipher any lyrics, but it was by a guy and the song sounded similar to something by Coldplay.
Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
I just heard the commercial also. Wow, what a song. I don't know who it is either but I hope some one will find out this one for us. Very good, and it doesn't sound like it was music made just for the commercial. Good luck.
this is a really great song! but I don't know what is it but I just can say that it's not Coldplay. i tried to hear the words but i'm not very good in english so didn't really understood. ;)
lyrics in the commercial are:

now always I'll wait for you

take this pen (or paper?) let some light go through

to one as it comes there goes the sun

I have looked all ove the lyrics database and it is coming up nothing. If there is someone out there I hope those lyrics help so you can help us. You can also download the commerical by going to and registering with the media gallery and is under Layering/Fall Fashion. Someone out there help us!
FOUND IT! - There goes the sun is the song

Artist: The Pernice Brothers
Album: Discover a Lovelier You
Song: There goes the Sun
thanks for finding it! :) i love this website. it never fails me & i always find the songs i'm looking for.
:D I just noticed this commerical and enjoyed the music. Found the same answer when I looked. Great song -- thanks for posting the answer.
Thank you so much for finding this info out! I've been really searching high and low for how to get this gorgeous song!
Pernice Brothers - you can stream most of the songs from the new album at the website. All of our September sales go to the American Red Cross.
just saw this commercial again and finally came here to look it up...yay for the search function
i heard the song on the commercial, and immediately thought it sounded like Joe Pernice singing, but wasn't sure it would be because the Pernice Brothers haven't really been mainstream music so far. Sure enough, it was Joe & company =) Check out their other songs; very talented.
I have spent hours and hours looking for this ONE song! I'm obsessed! I love it! The Pernice Brothers need more credit, way to go Sears for giving that to them!

THANK YOU RCURTISMS! I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!