1. Djjaims

    Sears Home Appliances "We Got A Guy"

    Hey everyone, trying to ID this violin music from this Sears commerical: Any help is appreciated. - j
  2. M

    Sears "Morning Run"

    Does anyone know the composer from the 2013 Sears holidays " morning run" commercial
  3. C

    Sears holiday

    Does anybody know what the name of the song is for the Sears Holiday Commercial (2010)?I have tried looking myself but all it that coming up was music for commericals for 2008,2005 and etc.Anyway,the song is an instrumental and kinda fast paced really catchy!It's also been airing for about a...
  4. 1

    Sears "The Many Sides of Me"

    Anyone happen to know the Artist and name of the song in the Sears "So Many Sides Of Me Commerical"
  5. S

    Sears Spring Sale 2010

    Does anyone know this song from the latest Sears Spring sale commercial? Very catchy!
  6. E

    Sears Holiday "Perfect Sweaters"

    A re-mixed version of what I believe to be the song titled 'I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm'. Is that the exact title and which re-mix is it? Much obliged!
  7. J

    Sears Optical "Kaleidoscope of Style"

    I was wondering if anyone knows who the artist of the synthesized/electronic song on the new Sears Optical commercial. Anyone with any clues as to who wrote it would be greatly appreciated. :) I found this YouTube link: Someone said it was an original composition but I wanted to confirm that.
  8. F

    Sears Father's Day Sale

    Who sings for the newest Sears commercials? It's a soft woman's voice and the lyrics start: "I see the world through bright, new eyes ... "
  9. M

    Sears "Grant a Wish"

    The song for the new Sears' Gift a Gift, Grant A Wish is "World" by Five For Fighting
  10. S

    Sears Kenmore Elite Washer and Dryer

    This is the commercial for the Kenmore elite steam laundry pair. It shows a little kid with a white and black beanie on. It wears it everywhere as a security blanket and the mom sneaks in at night to wash it. It talks about the washer/dryer having a whitest white cycle. It ends by saying "Life...
  11. I


    While watching an episode of American Idol last night, I saw a Sears commercial with a song whose chorus had the words "without you here" or something similar to it. Some of the pictures in the commercial had like a lawn mower cutting grass as part of the graphics. But, it was a catchy song...
  12. C

    Sears Days

    I'm looking for the artist and title of the song played during the 'Sears Days' commercial. This commercial was aired during the Regis and Kelly show in the morning. Washer and Dryer sets were displayed. All suggestions are sincerely appreciated!
  13. argel319

    Sears Christmas presents

    I saw this Sears commercial for the umpteenth time this morning, and loved the song. It's where they show off some of the stuff they're selling and show all the different kinds of hugs you'd get, like for example, give a LaZboy, and get a bear hug, etc... Can anybody help? I'm sure others...
  14. L


    Hi! I have been all over the place looking for the song in the new Sears commercial. It's for the Sears catalog, and the only things I can remember are that it's a rocky-rolly sounding song, and I know that Land's End is mentioned. I saw this for the first time last night... thanks for any help!
  15. B

    Sears Mother's Day book

    Mr. Blue Sky by Elo: Is this song used a new Sears commercial? Thank you.
  16. A

    Sears new fall line

    In the commercial they show a woman in different outfits walking down the street. I couldn't decipher any lyrics, but it was by a guy and the song sounded similar to something by Coldplay. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  17. C


    I need help with a song in a commercial about i dont know redecoration in college rooms or something it's a bunch of different kids in dorm rooms either getting up from their beds or hitting their alarm clock and one of the lines in the song is "Swing from vine to vine from time to time just...
  18. C

    URGENT: SEARS commerical with ty pennington

    What is the name of the song on the most recent Sears comericals and who sings it? The lyrics are something like ..."It's a good life..." I really need to know soon please! Thank you!
  19. D


    Hard to explain, but I think there's a new Sears commercial with what sounds like Garbage or No Doubt, but with some other voices/lyrics in it. Has anybody else seen it?