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I need help with a song in a commercial about i dont know redecoration in college rooms or something it's a bunch of different kids in dorm rooms either getting up from their beds or hitting their alarm clock and one of the lines in the song is "Swing from vine to vine from time to time just like the monekys do"

Any Help is appreciated thanks.
Target "monkeys in the trees"

I am wondering where to find the jingle for a Target Ad that has something to do with the "monkeys in the trees". I also would like to be able to listen to it. My wife says that Marty on RockstarvINXS has written a song that sounds like it. Can anyone help me find it? Maybe from six months ago?
Marty from Rockstar sings a song about 'you and me are in the trees' monkeys involved. very cool song by the way...i think i want him to win. i think someone previously asked this question though, and i am not sure how to find out where it's at. :(
Are you sure that it's a Target ad and not Sears?
Hey thanks so much people! My wife mentioned this song to me because we just had a baby and she used to dance around the house and sing this song with the TV. I thought I'd serch for it based on her description, and here it is. She will be so surprised and happy when I play the CD for her and our baby! Thanks again.