URGENT: SEARS commerical with ty pennington


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What is the name of the song on the most recent Sears comericals and who sings it? The lyrics are something like ..."It's a good life..." I really need to know soon please! Thank you!
Can you describe the song? Male or female singer? Does it sound like pop, rock, etc.?
I've seen the ad, but never thought to check it out. It's a male singer, pop song.

The lyrics are along the lines, "This is the good life."

Sounds like that group Evan and Jaron... like, soft-spoken, male pop singers.
Thanks but I looked up all the lyrics i could find from those artist but no luck. Is there a posibility it could be someone else singing it. Im going to leave friday night so i have to know it before then. Thanks so much for your help!
Just saw the ad again. The lyrics:

This is the good life.
This is the gooooood life. Come on and dream the American dream.
This is the good life. And it's coming home with me.
Oh this is the good life.

Accoustic guitar, male vocals. Can't find any matches. I always thought it sounded a little bit like it was just done for the ad... You might try contacting Sears and asking if they have info on the music or agency that did the ad.