Scion xA "Transformer"


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Scion xA "Transformer"

Does anyone know the music from the Scion commercial with the robotic animal? The song sounds a lot like heavy metal. I've already searched through some of the other Forum topics on this commercial but most of them don't give a clear answer of what the song is.
This ad is for the Scion xA and is entitled 'Transformer'.

The music was produced exclusively for the ad by HUMAN WORLDWIDE.
Yea, their music is made specially for their commerials. Not fair <_<
ok, it's all the same commercial, they just change the car. one with xb driving on a bridge and through a bunch of wet streets and then another with the exact same locations, exact same camera angles and everything, just with the xa. exact same song mix on both even synchronized with the same scenes on both. don't know if they did one with the tc or not. is this more "Human Worldwide / only for the commercials" chit or something new? it's not on or anywhere else yet.
considering these ads aren't on scion or HUMAN WORLDWIDE's websites as of yet, i was thinking the music might've been from somewhere else...