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This was on the scion commercial with theh dj beat i was wondering what track that is. could i get an indentification? Ive read some other posts on scion commercials but they never posted one for the dj commercial. and then click videos - dj

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Well, the end of the ad says "Scion by Fist and Buchman. DJs." I can't find anything on the internet about them... so, maybe it was done just for the ad. :unsure:

Anyone else find anything? Link to view ad. (Just select videos, then DJ, like mentioned previously.)
Does anybody know any info about the scion xb commercial thats playing that dope beat in the background as the xb cruises across the screen? says something about "fist & buckman" at the end of the commercial. tried a search on the internet for that name but nothing comes up.
I just put up a post for that same commercial. any leads on the beat that's playing in the background?
Sry Guys, I Emailed The Scion Company And I received This In An Email

"Thank you for contacting Scion.

We apologize, all songs you heard on our commercials were made
specifically for that commercial and was not sampled from any public song. It
is through communications such as yours that we become aware of the
reactions and expectations of our customers and we appreciate your
feedback. "

It Sucks So Much, Those Songs Kick A** :(
i've been trying to find the music from the scion commercials as well... i went to i didn't find anything to click that said VIDEOS but i did find music. peep!

maybe it'll help. i checked on ebay. they sell these CD's.. not alot.. but there are some.

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Wow.. the internet is a great thing. I was listening to a disc that I just picked up and heard a track, yet couldn't pinpoint the car commercial that I'd seen it on. Took some brain-racking, but I remembered it being the Scion one with the cars in the street. Did some digging, found this site and your thread (even though it's almost a year old) and voila!

Anyway, the music might be "original" for the song, but it's STRONGLY sampled from a guy named Amon Tobin. The song is called "Sordid." Off the disc: "Funkungfusion - Ninja Cuts, V." It might be off of one of his discs alone, but not from either of the two that I have by him. I got it from Great site. You could just get that single track if you wanted to.

Hope you guys are still checking this place and that I could help a little.

L8r, happy new year!
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Sordid is off of Amon Tobin's album Permutation. Unless I'm wrong and its on Supermodified.