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a guy standing next to a car take a picture of a lady , she comes to him take the cell and start taking pictures of herself, then voiceover : new samsung blabla with self-portrait

so thats the commercial .. and i want to know the name of the song which plays in the background (though i think thats just composed for that ad.. but i can be wrong)

as always , thanks for those who replies :D
does anyone know the name of the song in the samsung cell phone commercial in which she takes pics of herself with the phone?
it was like some sort of tango. and heres a description of the commercial "Just saw a Samsung mobile phone ad featuring the lovely Estella. In it, she's walking down the street in a short n' slinky black dress, which grabs the attention of a guy who's out for lunch at a sidewalk cafe, who promptly drops what he's doing and snaps a pic of her using his fancy-as-hell camera phone. She notices, and she strides over to him, snatches the phone out of his grasp, and proceeds to take a series of fetching pictures of herself for him. If only it were that easy, right fellas? I tried to find a link to it somewhere, possibly even on Samsung's website, but to no avail. In any case, keep on the lookout for it." oh and the oc thing song wasnt it :(
thanks a million djflowerz thats the version of the song! :D oh and im located in ecuador which is in south america