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Hello! I would like to ask if someone have seen the samsung E800 mobile phone tv ad.
Can someone help me find the name and the author of the music that plays in this ad?


Can someone tell me the name of the music in the samsung e800 mobile tv comercial? This comercial is now on portuguese television and is associated with the olimpic games.

In this comercial the intervinients move almost like they were break dancing to a kind of electronic music.

Please help me find some information on the background music.

I'm desperate to know the title/artist of the song in the Samsung E800 advert.

To listen to the song, goto the Samsung website - at the top of it is a link to its advert 'Smooth Meets Slide'

I want to know the song that plays for the first minute, its a techno/electronic type of song.

The lyrics go: "....let me move in time with you.. do you want to move with me..."

I know there's been quite a few post about samsung adverts, but I haven't found any with info on this song. Please, if you have any info let me know...

Thank you
Okay, so this time I have a lot more info for you.

Samsung E800 Slide Phone

Thats the commercial. It plays in Umeå Sweden, So it probably plays in more places than that. I have no idea as to when and what channel though.

On the bottom of the page listed above, it has

Ad theme music - Far Away

I don't need it that badly. Any suggestions as too who made the song?
The song you are talking about is called 'Dance by human'. Unfortunately it has not yet been released! I've been searching for it like mad, and when I discovered that it hasn't been released yet, I was very dissapointed :(