Samsung "Style Meets Performance"


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Samsung "Style Meets Performance"


This Samsung ad has been playing recently on CBC's olympic coverage. It's called "Style Meets Performance" and it features people dressed like hipsters doing the various events. Fencing, diving etc. They are all wearing stylish clothing and they are in slow motion. The music is electronic. Can anyone help with the title/artist of the music?

Sorry, no answer here regarding the commercial's soundtrack. However, I was wondering where I can find the commercial... I searched and went through, but I couldn't find this particular one. Anyone know? Anyone have it? Even if they're screenshots I'd be grateful-- in fact, I just need a clip/shot of the elegantly-dressed-up fencers.

Thanks. Also, now that this topic has my interest peaked, I'm eager to find out the tune to this ad as well.
The commerical is for Samsung DLP TV's...and like everyone else here, i neeeed to know the name of that techno/electronica song in the background!! By the way, the commerical showed on NBC, not CBS as stated above.
I think it's either Crystal Method or Underworld. It's a song I've heard a million times.

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Hey Euphoria, Am_Cha and others!

Thanks for all of the work on this topic. The song is quite elusive, apparently.
You may have seen this advertisement on NBC, but I saw it on CBC's olympic coverage (that's the Canadian public broadcaster). :) Either way, we may have to email the company to find out.

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if you think it's likely underworld or crystal method, then describe the song. i went to the site, filled in user info, and it's still denying access. ANY description of the song might be helpful
Originally posted by DrNguyenVanFalk@Sep 1 2004, 10:23 AM
The track is FC Kahuna - Glitterball ... on Ministry of Sound The Annual Spring 2002, disc 1.
Audio sample of "Glitterball" here, track 2.