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I just joined this board and thought I should introduce myself. I'm a 22-year-old musician living in Seattle, WA. I produce primarily electronic music, though I am open to all kinds of music. I perform regularly in a few jazz/funk bands as a keyboard player, though my primary focus is on production. My electronic music project is called Revolution Void and the website can be found at

I would love to get some feedback on some of my productions, both from professional music directors out there, and from fans of soundtracks in general. I have an online portfolio of soundtrack-related works at this address:

The difference between this link and the R.V. link is that this one is showcasing a number of different styles, whereas the Revolution Void project is pretty much all 'Electronic Breakbeat Jazz' (which is, incidentally, also a mash-up of different styles, but oh well). In general, you'll find dancefloor-friendly electronic beats at and more ambient, incidental and acoustic music at my soundtrack site.

So, since this is a forum for soundtracks, I won't really mention much of my history as an electronic musician, other than to say that I paid my dues for many years as a club DJ and touring live PA act, playing at raves nationally to audiences of thousands.

My past experience with soundtracks includes radio segways/beds, TV commercials, Flash presentations, websites, and a few independent films (one of which, a documentary on Mt. Everest, aired on the Discovery Channel). Most notably, I produced music for a project for Experience Music Project, which was a 48-speaker soundsystem designed by Oscar-award-winning composer Allan Howarth. For a full resume and list of past clients, please contact me privately.

In any case, I'm looking to take on new projects at all levels, from independent to mainstream/commercial ventures. I have a catalog of music in all the latest urban styles, and I have a good ear for following trends. This is not to say that my music isn't unique, rather, I can re-create the sounds that have become associated with a certain type of production. (eg: classical music in a car commercial -- I would not produce classical per se, but I can re-interpret classical music into something else, like downtempo breaks, or jungle, 2-step etc...)

So, if anyone out there is interested in talking more about soundtrack production, hit me up! I have a library of tunes online as well as a promo pack that I can send out to music directors and other interested parties.

Again, here are the links to my relevant webpages: <-- soundtrack site <-- electronic breakbeat jazz

I'm looking forward to meeting and hopefully working with some of you!

Thanks for your time,

Heyyyy Jonah!

I'll check out your stuff tomorrow when I'm at school, I only have 56k here.... blahhhhh.