Safety Belt Campaign Song

Hal Evans

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I'm hoping to find a copy of a late 1960 or during the 1970s Safety Belts Radio PSA Campaign song. It's the "People Who Care" song. Lyrics goe something like this: "People who care. They are the greatest people...(then it tags with) "So why not be like people. Be like people. Who do. BUCKLE UP!" It's the greatest little gem of a song. I recall it as being a full vocal with prominent female voices, something like the folk music groups, like ABBA. However I have no idea what the group was. There were several variations on this song. One was with a Danny Davis country brass. I have searched for this song for a long time. I've gone through my old PSA tapes may times, hoping to find it. No can find. If there's anyone out there who can make me a copy, it would be "fair use." I just want a copy of my very own. I do have a campaign song for the 1977 Chevrolet that sounds something like this Seat Belts Campaign. It's the "That's more like it!" song. And it's another gem of a song, similar in feeling and style. Thank You! I'm brand new to this web site. I think some of the best music in the world is admusic! (Hal Evans) HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY TO EVERYONE!!! :D