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Hi folks, new to the scene here at and can't wait to use the site to question and contribute. I love this type of stuff, and I've been very successful when hunting for music. But alas, I am stumped. Temporarily that is.

Does anyone know the new Saab 9-5 "State of Independence" commercial? It has a very new age sound to it and I would like to find the title and performer. I've been on and google all morning, but still cannot find any information on the name/title/artist. Again, it has a very distinct trance/fade to new age sound. All instrumental, no chorus.

Thanks, glad to be here.
Hi and welcome!

Can you describe what is going on in the ad?
I love the song in that commercial! I went to the Saab forums and signed up to see if anyone knows, but I haven't gotten an answer yet. I will post again here if I find anything out.

Maria :)
If I'm thinking of the right song, you'll find it in just about every Saab ad where they use the slogan "State of Independence".

I don't know what it is, but to save some time, I can tell you the song isn't "State of Independence" by Jon Anderson.
:( I e-mailed Saab USA to find out about the music. They replied the next day and advised that the music was composed specifically for that spot. It was recorded by studio musicians for Saab and wasn't being released.

If we're lucky, they'll follow Mazda's Zoom Zoom Zoom successful example and provide a CD to dealers for play during test drives.